Digital Restoration

Below are examples of the digital restoration projects I’ve been involved with (more images forthcoming). With my setup, I’m able to fix what could be considered the most unsalvageable material and prepare it for a stellar high-definition experience. Whether it be for home video, documentaries, or just old-fashioned Internet presentations, I guarantee big studio-level work at an affordable rate.


The Criterion Collection

In 2016, I worked in-house as a restoration artist with their team on the following titles (released titles by spine #; rest are listed alphabetically).

#63: Carnival of Souls
#394: Woman in the Dunes
#523: Night Train to Munich
#823: The In-Laws
#826: The New World
#827: McCabe and Mrs. Miller
#829: A Taste of Honey
#830: Chimes at Midnight
#833: Cat People
#834: Blood Simple
#836: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Multiple Maniacs


SabuCat Productions

Working with Jeff Joseph, I currently do digital restoration on UCLA’s photochemical restorations of the classic Laurel and Hardy shorts. As of now, I’ve worked on the following titles that have been screened theatrically (listed alphabetically).

Come Clean
Me and My Pal
One Good Turn
Towed in a Hole

Embedded examples below:

outerspace-bluIt Came from Outer Space (2016, Universal/3-D Film Archive)

Working with Bob Furmanek and Greg Kintz of the 3-D Film Archive, I did clean-up and restoration work on both the left and right sides of the entire 1953 classic film.

bray bluCartoon Roots: The Bray Studios – Animation Pioneers (2016, Cartoons on Film)

Working with Tom Stathes, I did clean-up and restoration work on the following shorts from J.R. Bray’s studio:

Col. Heeza Liar’s African Hunt
The Police Dog on the Wire
The Lunch Hound
Tantalizing Fly
Point of View
How Animated Cartoons Are Made
Chemical Inspiration

GogGOG (2016, Kino Lorber/3-D Film Archive)

Working with Bob Furmanek and Greg Kintz, I did digital restoration on both the left and right sides of the entire 3-D feature. Finished example embedded below.

Willie_cover600Ub Iwerks’ Willie Whopper (2015, Thunderbean Animation)

Sourced from 35mm and 16mm negatives and printdowns, this collection is the first of Thunderbean Animation’s collaborations with Dave Shepard and the UCLA Film & Television Archive. Below are comparisons between the raw transfer (left) and the restored copy (right).






I did restoration/clean-up work on the following animated cartoons on Willie Whopper:

The Air Race
Spite Flight
Hell’s Fire
Insultin’ the Sultan
Reducing Crème
Rasslin’ Round
The Good Scout
Viva Willie

snafu-blu-250Private Snafu: Golden Classics (2015, Thunderbean Animation)

A significant upgrade from the 2010 edition, this Blu-Ray is all freshly remastered in high-definition. In many cases, Thunderbean was able to upgrade the source material and as a result all but one of the classic Warner Bros. Snafu cartoons are now sourced from gorgeous 35mm material, some times from the original camera negatives. I did restoration/clean-up on the following cartoons:

The Goldbrick
The Infantry Blues
Booby Traps
The Chow Hound
Target: Snafu
Three Brothers
It’s Murder She Says
Hot Spot
Private Snafu Presents Seaman Tarfu in the Navy
A Few Quick Facts: US Soldier/Bullet/Diarrhea and Dysentry

139193_frontThe Mask (2015, Kino Lorber/3-D Film Archive)

For this release, I did digital restoration on the first 3-D segment of the feature.

3dRarities3-D Rarities (2015, Flicker Alley/3-D Film Archive)

The following screenshots are from Bolex Stereo, a 3-D short unseen in some 60 years. Both the 16mm left and right eye material had serious wear and damage that needed to be repaired.

Top images are from the raw transfer, bottom images are from the restoration. Color correction was done by Greg Kintz. Print supplied by Ian Sundahl Phobos Archive.








I did restoration/clean-up work on the following titles on 3-D Rarities:

New Dimensions
Bolex Stereo
Hannah Lee trailer
I’ll Sell My Shirt

If you require digital restoration assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me and inquire about rates and price quotes. No project is too big or small!

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