Disney Comics

IDW Publishing

One of my regular gigs is translating Disney comic-book stories produced in other countries for publication in the U.S. It truly is writing, not only because we all know how much can get lost and reinterpreted while translating, but you really need to get these characters to sell the stories. I translated and wrote the dialogue for the following issues and stories…

DD_03Disney Magic Kingdom Comics #1 (2016) — “Red Rogue’s Treasure”
Donald Duck #3
(2015)“The Siege of Nothing Atoll”
Donald Duck #5
(2015)“What’s Opera, Duck?”
Donald Duck #8 (2015) — “Spaced-Out Christmas!”
Donald Duck #11 (2016) — “The Incredible Quest for Cooties”
Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade #1 (2015) — “Christmas Clubbing”
Mickey Mouse #9 (2016) — “The Man Who Wasn’t There!”
Mickey Mouse #11 (2016) — “Second Childhood at Gneezle Gnob”
Mickey Mouse #12 (2016) — “The Bridge on the River Ai-Yai!”
Uncle Scrooge #3
(2015) — “Donald’s Gabby Guest”
Uncle Scrooge #6 (2015) — “The Bigger Operator”
Uncle Scrooge #7 (2015) — “Of Mice and Magic”
Uncle Scrooge #8 (2015) — “The Peril of Pandora’s Box”
Uncle Scrooge #18 (2016) — “The Miner’s Granddaughter”
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #721 (2015) — “Bet You Didn’t”
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #734 (2016) — “Roadhogs”





Fantagraphics Books

More or less all of us Disney comic professionals are historians at heart, and thus quite a few of my articles found their way into the reprint series of Mickey Mouse comic strips by Floyd Gottfredson and Donald Duck comic-book stories by Carl Barks. I’m proud to provide commentary and context in the books that will introduce these masters to the next generation of readers and fans. My articles appear in the following books (listed alphabetically).


Donald Duck: “Trick or Treat” (2015)
Mickey Mouse Vol. 4: “House of the Seven Haunts!”
Mickey Mouse Vol. 5: “Outwits the Phantom Blot” (2014)
Mickey Mouse Vol. 6: “Lost in Lands of Long Ago” (2014)
Mickey Mouse Vol. 7: “March of the Zombies” (2015)
Mickey Mouse Vol. 8: “The Tomorrow Wars” (2015)
Mickey Mouse Vol. 9: “Rise of the Rhyming Man”
Mickey Mouse Sundays Vol. 1: “Call of the Wild”
Mickey Mouse Sundays Vol. 2: “Robin Hood Rides Again”